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WCPSAC Report Back

Off The Mark young athletes competing at WCPSAC

This Saturday saw three of our athletics stars partake in the Western Cape Primary Schools Athletics Championships. We are proud to say that (in all likelihood) we have two of the three that will go on to take part in the South African Primary Schools Athletics Championship in Gauteng in two weeks time.

It seems like every year at least one of our athletes are struck down with illness - Unfortunately for Abi this year it was her turn. After running high temperatures and being bed-ridden all week, Abi bravely made her way to the start line to do her season justice and give it a bash. Unfortunately the signs were very clear that her body was not in a fit state for maximal exercise and she took the wise decision to withdraw halfway through her 1500m. She made SAs last year - Next year she'll hopefully get a better deal again.

Demi faced some stiff competition in the long jump, with the national champion among the list of challengers. Demi seamed to be getting better over the course of her first 4 jumps and secured 4.57m with 2 jumps to go. This had her lying in 2nd place and encouraged her to throw her margins out the window. On her penultimate jump she let out a ripper, but unfortunately brushed the plasticine and receiving a red flag. She showed us that there was a winning jump in her...somewhere, but we are super proud of her 2nd place and slot at SAs in a fortnight.

Kiara faced up against the cream of the crop with respect to u13 distance running, in the 800m. The start line was virtually littered with national athletes in Athletics and Cross Country, and this was Kiara's first season doing any middle distance event on the track. That said she was tactically spot on. She went with the anticipated, winning move off the front with 300m to go. Although she couldn't draw in the two girls ahead of her, this drew herself away from the pack and put some tartan between her and her chasers heading into the final straight. We are super proud that she managed to hold out for 3rd place. Although the top 3 spots have usually been awarded a spot at nationals, the selection criteria has been changed this year to meet with transformation we wait for official confirmation of a SA champs slot.

Proud coach signing off


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