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  • Sean Tait

Zonal Champs Report Back

Off The Mark young athletes at Zonal Champs

What a great day our youngsters had at Cross Country Zonal Champs yesterday at the Strandfontein Sports Complex. Two circuits joined together to run in zonals, and the top 10 qualified from each circuit to form a total of 20... after yesterday our counting skills (specifically counting to 10) have definitely improved. Jokes aside, well done to the 15/16 athletes that qualified (official results have not yet been released) through to WP Schools Champs on 11th August - on this day our skills of counting to six will be tested🤦‍♂️.

Special mention to those athletes collecting wins yesterday- Namely Rebecca, Sama, Chanel and Tide. Man, those girls are on it! And it’s so good to see so many of our youngsters steadily improving their form and race craft. Well done to all for getting out there and doing their best. WP Champs awaits... and the coveted reward of Western Province Colours.

Proud coach signing off


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