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RECAP: December Holidays Athletics Clinic

And that’s a wrap!

After five days of sprinting, pacing, learning and racing, our December ’18 instalment of our Athletics Holiday Clinic stands out as one of our best. We had a really keen group of young runners who were really down to take on anything that we threw at them.

It’s always a toss-up at our clinics. One of the hardest things is trying to cater for that athlete that only comes for one day, and still trying to keep every day unique so that the athlete that is there for the entire 5-day period continues to be mentally stimulated. This is where I really feel like we nailed the balance

Well done to all our runners who went through some challenges with hot weather, and still remained positive and kept smiling throughout.

We know that the children that have attended are all on a much better foot than when they arrived and wish them the best of luck for their summer 2019 sporting endeavours

Again, a massive thank you to KwikSpar for continuing to support our passion to provide a learning environment for runners to thrive in the school holidays, and for making it possible for us to give the runners their very own clinic t-shirt, for the first time.

See you all at our 2019 Cross Country Clinic in April!


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