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RECAP: What Went Down at XCC (Cross Country Clinic 2018)

From April 3rd-9th we hosted our latest holiday clinic for young school students. Having done an athletics based clinic in December it seemed fitting to switch it up and focus on cross-country. The 5-day event was again proudly sponsored by Green Point KwikSpar, and was a massive success for all parties.

Athletes were able to sign up for a single day, or all 5 - and its with a smug little grin on my face that I can proudly say that the majority of the runners were present EVERY SINGLE DAY! We kept chopping and changing the daily drills so as to keep the itinerary fresh, and keep the kids on their toes, although they surely didn't need any outside motivation - they were all raring to go.

One day we'd work on race specific elements like the starts and pacing, as well as performing interval sets for fitness, and the next day we'd be focusing on technique, technique and technique until it came out of their ears. Come home time, their body position was on point! And then of course we also had some relay races and played some endurance-based games... including the retrieval of marshmallow eggs, it was Easter after all. Yes I'm the coach, BUT I'm also human :P

Well done to all the youngsters who showed such great discipline and focus during the training, and thanks so much to Green Point Kwikspar for the support and helping us to make this event possible.

It really was a fantastic clinic and a big thanks go out to all those that attended. It was great to see some of my usual young athletes as well as some newbies. One thing is for certain - a lot of progress was made and more importantly, by the end of the clinic all the athletes seem very excited to take what they'd learnt into the new school term. I think we can all expect some PB to be broken in the coming months ;)

See you all there!


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