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These holidays we have put together a dynamic and multifaceted four-day Holiday Event Programme that has something for EVERYONE. We have taken a polarized approach to our programme.


On the one extreme we have a relaxed aerobic training run - It's incredibly important to build the aerobic system in the early phases of the season. On the other end we are focusing on short maximal efforts and skill development - The combination of competition and the nature of the tricky, tight course will bring out the development of the anaerobic system and skill repertoire respectively.


Whether you enjoy easy running at comfortable intensities with like-minded people, or whether you thrive when competing over a short punchy circuit that gets your adrenaline pumping, we have what you need.

The Cross Country Eliminator Race:

  • Four runners race over a short 60-90s course demanding speed and agility, in a knock out format.

  • 1st and 2nd place progress to the cup, where 3rd and 4th fall into the plate competition.

  • Runners will race several times, so replication of the effort will be required.

  • These short efforts often suit rugby/hockey players and sprinters as much as they do cross country runners. 

  • Athletes will receive coaching tips and advice to ensure that they are developing the skills aspect for cross country and multidirectional movement.

  • Date: Thursday 21st

  • Time: 9am-10:30am

  • Venue: Rustenburg Girls High School

The Easy Long Run :

  • The goal is to do a long-ish social training run to build stamina and aerobic capacity ahead of the cross country season.

  • We will split into a faster/slower group if needs be, but we will reconvene and stop for breaks in between multiple times.

  • During the rest/walk breaks, runners will receive coaching tips and advice in carrying out aerobic training to improve their understanding of it's importance.

  • Dates: Friday 22nd

  • Time: 9am-10:30am

  • Venue: Alphen Trail (Alphen Drive)

Programme Summary: 

  • 21st March - Cross Country Eliminator Race #1 (RGHS)

  • 22nd March - Easy Long Run #1 (Alphen Trail)


  • 1 day - R250*/R300

  • 2 days - R450*/R540

*20% Early Bird special until 11/03/2024

Holiday Event Programme

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