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Training Programmes

Receive your own personal day-to-day schedule of your training runs to make sure that you train appropriately for the needs of your specific event.


Many athletes wake up day after day and head out for a run with no preconceived idea of what duration or intensity they are planning to run at. This can easily result in the runner doing too much and getting injured, or not doing enough and experiencing a plateau – It’s a case of throwing darts in the dark!


A new stress needs to be imposed upon the body to encourage it to further evolve. Therefore doing the same thing over and over is a recipe for a plateau. In our training we need consistency, variety and specificity. Consistency requires that you are continuing to train over a long term basis. Variety insists that you are engaging in various different types of sessions designed to target, and ultimately improve, several aspects of performance e.g. you ability to run for longer, or faster, or with better technique. In specificity, we need to ensure that you are training on the right terrain, and at the right intensities, in the correct quantities to ensure that you are adequately prepared for your event.


We allow you to adopt the 'Wake up and do' approach, and just tick the boxes. Different events require very specific preparation. Not to mention that different athletes respond in a variety of ways in comparison to others when placed under a specific training stimulus. Therefore the generic programmes can never prepare you thoroughly for your event. We tailor programmes based on your event demands and take your body into account.

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