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Periodisation Plans

Receive a season plan to ensure that you peak for your most important races


Events that require your training to start six months or more away can often be overwhelming and confusing. It’s very difficult for a runner to know what on earth they should be doing this far out from an event. Most would just randomly run, and hope for the best.


We generate a comprehensive periodisation plan which puts your entire season onto one page. We will marry all you races with all your training so that your season fits like a glove. All your training and racing days leading up to your big event will all form part of a greater plan for you to peak for your biggest day of all. It includes phases of the season, an events calendar, testing dates, peaking graphs and most importantly your weekly volume and intensity values. This illustrates the in-depth path that we will take to get you in the best shape you can be in come your big day.


This is an absolute must for any athlete serious about their ambitions and allows you to see the big picture when it’s just a blip on the radar.

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