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A Clean Slate

I really enjoy being fit and healthy - It makes me feel good, and that in turn makes me a happier person. The only problem is that my means of staying fit and healthy has revolved around training for, and competing in, triathlons in recent times. The demand of time spent training is something that I simply can no longer sustain - I don't have time to train for three sports, but I would be able to train for one. The sport I have chosen to focus on this year is "running" (no prizes for guessing that), but more specifically "trail running".

The big goal early-year is The African X. This takes place in April and requires runners to cover 100km of tough terrain over the course of three days. This is different to anything I've done. I feel like its a fresh sport. I see it as a bit of a clean slate. I'm also super motivated to get out there and go on the adventures that this type of training requires.

African X trail run

It's also cool that this is a team race. It means that I have somebody else invested in this goal with me. My partner is Trevor Ransome - He is a really strong runner and endurance athlete in general...he is an animal! I've tamed animals as a coach, but taming an animal as a team mate may just be a touch harder. It will certainly create some curve balls ;)

If training for a big event like African X is something that interests you then please follow me on Instagram as I'll be posting informative chunks of info on stories with the hashtag #journey2AfricanX to give you a peak into my daily proceedings. And then you can always come back here as I'll be dropping some blog posts to keep you updated on my goings-on.

At the end of January I do have a Ironman 70.3 which I entered last year, but hadn't been able to train for. I will be man-ing up on that event. I will go there and take my beating like a man. I am hoping that my muscle memory and running fitness will get me by and that I wont suffer too much. After that, it's all about the trails.

Look out for my post IM70.3 post in early February, and I'll let you know how I got on, and what my plans are going ahead for African X

Chow for now


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